Split PDF for Mac

"This is a user friendly application
to use on your Mac independently. Data split task is achieved in just a few simple clicks.
The split process is achieved automatically once the final tab is clicked."

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Split PDF files of any size on your Mac by pages.

  • Split both locked and unlocked PDF files
  • Need correct password to split a locked PDF file
  • Split data without file size issue
  • Split required number of pages
  • Custom data division support
  • Safe to apply, tested for quality data split
  • A user friendly application to try
  • A Mac app, support Mac OS X 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7 and 10.6


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Personal license is perfect for single user and small office or a Home user (Not for commercial use)*


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Business License if for commercial use. If you are a company and looking for large number of users/clients then purchase business license.*


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Enterprise License is available for multiple machines and unlimited users. (A multi-site License).*

Why need to Split PDF?

PDF files need to be split in many cases such as if a user wants to share few pages of a PDF file to another user. The situation may also arise when the master PDF file contains data in sections and the user wants to save these sections in separate PDF files to manage them easily, in this case, the user needs to split PDF file according to the sections specified in the file.

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Shareware Awards

Many Shareware industry awards won by the Split PDF program for Mac due to its advanced and high-quality results.

Why use Split PDF for Mac?

Split PDF for Mac is the best utility for breaking PDF files. The software is capable to break any size PDF file. You are free to split any specific PDF file. You can customize splitting PDF file as per your desires. Full accuracy is maintained while the whole process goes on. The software has the capacity to transfer data safely without any damage.

Split PDF

Key Features of Split PDF Program for Mac

Split Any PDF File

The PDF split program has been designed to split any PDF file. It doesn't matter how old and new a PDF file. The size of a PDF file doesn't come in the way. The software scans and makes the particular PDF file ready to split.

Save the Split Data Locally

The resultant data is saved in a local folder. The software allows you to create a new PDF file in any folder of your system. The newly build PDF file will be named by the user. So, systematic data split support is provided.

Split Data by Pages

The PDF splitter tool has capacity to split PDF files by pages. Users have full freedom to select more than one page to split. The tool scans user's directions and provides results according to their desire.

Maintain Data Accuracy

With this split program, you find reliable data split support. It only divides pages. It doesn't make any change in the file content. All text, images, graph and any data are scanned and exported safely to a newly built PDF file.

Custom Split Support

The advance split program has capacity to split any size PDF file. It provides custom split support by letting you enter a particular number of page you want to divide. For example, if the PDF file has 100 pages, you are free to choose 2, 10, 50, 60 or any number to split.

A Simple Application

Operating the PDF Splitter is so easy. Download on your Mac computer with just a few simple clicks. The software has capacity to read and transfer data safely. It is easy to install like other software of us and needs a basic computer skill to run the program.

System Requirements

System Requirement

Operating SystemMac OS X 10.10/10.11/10.6/10.7/10.8/10.9, macOS 10.12

Memory512 MB Minimum

Hard Disk512 MB of free space

Software Delivery



All PDF file can be divided as per your direction.

No, you can simply split any big size PDF file with our tool.

You can but for this you may need to provide correct password of the particular file.

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