Cookies Policy

Welcome to the page which tells you about our cookies policy. We are here opened up about why we use cookies, what is a cookie and how do we use it. Our site applies different types of cookies with an aim to improve our services and improve customer's experience. We make our site safer and helps target those points that are relevant to users. After some interval, our work unit performs audit of the cookies to make our service better and better. The Cookie Policy is reviewed time and again by us to keep it updated.

What do you understand by cookies?

Cookies are small text file which are sent to your computer or mobile device or your browser through web server as you browse a site using cookies. It helps site to keep track of your activities in the particular site like number of times you have visited it, what you are looking for and your browsing behaviour. The cookie stores IP details of the device, the browsing type, from the link you entered the site, demographic data and many more. There are particularly 2 types of cookies- Session and Persistent. The session cookies are only for the time you are stayed in a site and removed as soon as you get out from the site. On the contrary, persistent cookies are for a certain period of time even browser has been closed. It activates again every time as you make a visit to the particular site.

Types of Cookies Used by Us

We use different types of cookies to make our user's experience friendly to our portal. We give the authority to view and manage all our cookies.

Analytical Cookies, which we called performance cookies! They help us getting the details the way visitors interact with our site by collecting information like location of the visitor, the total time spent by them and any issue faced by them. All these information gives us an idea of tailoring our features and services to improve the overall performance of the site.

Behavioural Cookies, are used by us to deliver you the content which are more relevant to your interest. For which we gather the browsing history to get an idea of visitor age and gender. We primarily keep an eye on your frequently visited sites so that we can improve our services.

Session Cookies, are used by us to know how you interact with our portal. It includes pages that users visit frequently. It assists us to know about our pages showing error messages while you visit them.

How Get Command on Cookies?

Many browsers give permission to manage cookies via their setting preference. But if you stop them, it will affect your overall user experience. To control them you can delete them from your hard drive and can alter the preferences in the web browsers.

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