Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy page has been made to maintain integrity and privacy of our respected customers. We want to let them know that shopping for Mac Mails in our portal is safe. We aim to make your online shopping for software easy and reliable.

What do we actually collect?

Visitors of our site have the authority to know what we collect and how we use it. We collect your IP address and personal data like email address, contact number etc... which you share while shopping with us.

Purpose to Collect Data of Visitors

  • We have a set of goals that we want to achieve by collecting your personal data.
  • The IP address is collected which let us know the number unique visitors are visiting the portal and those who have visited often.
  • We request you to provide reviews on our site about our products. Your comments and suggestions help improving our services.
  • We evaluate the browsing behaviour of customers to know what actually they are looking for from us.
  • Your personal data like email address is utilized to keep you informed about our services from time to time.

Why Trust us?

We keep your personal data safe in our system by using top quality authorized data safety tools. Only our employees can access them. No third party is allowed to access your personal information saved with us.

Do We Share Your Data?

In any circumstance, we keep your data safe. Not even our partners are allowed to access your personal data until we provide permission. Our partners may request for the data but they have to maintain the rules and regulations to use them.

Our Authority

We have the authority to implement the Privacy Policy if we feel necessary.

For further discussion on our privacy policy or you have any doubt regarding this, feel free to contact us.