Imap Setting

Learn about IMAP

IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) is a standard email protocol used to access emails of a web server to local system. This will help users to get a copy of cloud emails to local system.

In other words, users can read IMAP server emails on desktop, laptop computer, etc. This protocol helps users to work on multiple computers in multiple locations.

IMAP protocol generally works on two ports –

Port 143: Default IMAP non-encrypted port

Port 993: Port to use if you connect using IMAP securely

IMAP Offers

  • Access your emails from multiple computers
  • Access messages without downloading from server or transfer messages from one system to another
  • Compatible with internet messaging standards like MIME
  • IMAP supports both online and offline modes of operation
  • IMAP make it possible to easily create folder or subfolders on server

How to find out the correct IMAP address?

To backup cloud emails, you need to have correct IMAP settings. You need to provide host name, port name, IMAP account username, and password.

For more details to find out IMAP Server settings, follow the below-mentioned link -

Easily enable IMAP and turn on less secure apps in Gmail

Before you use Gmail related tools, you need to enable IMAP and turn on less secure apps in Gmail account.

gmail setting

Easy way to enable less secure apps in Yahoo account

To use the features of Yahoo account, enable less secure apps in your Yahoo account.

Yahoo IMAP Settings

yahoo imap setting

Follow the below steps to enable less secure apps in Yahoo account –

Step 1. Login to your Yahoo account and click on user account icon and go to Account Info

account info

Step 2. Click on Account Security and then go to Generate App password.


Step 3. Select your app and provide a custom name. By this, you can generate a temporary password which can be used to backup Yahoo data.

create yahoo password

Note: You can remove this temporary password later on and by this, you don't need to share your original password.