How to transfer EML to PST to open EML file in Outlook

Transfer EML to PST to open EML file in Outlook?

Summary: Do you want to open EML file in Outlook? Do you need to transfer EML files to PST file format? If your response is yes, then you can get the solution of your queries in this post. Here, we will explain different solutions to transfer EML to PST to open them in Outlook mail application versions like 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 and others.

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Introduction to EML & PST and reasons for EML to PST conversion

Outlook is an email client that allows users to send, receive emails, manage calendars, contacts, notes, etc. It is best suited for professional as well as home users. It is a trusted client by millions of users as it is secure and reliable. Outlook uses PST file for all its data storage.

EML file is a single email message file with attachments. It is supported by a number of email clients like Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, eM Client, Outlook Express, etc.

There is no direct way to import EML to Outlook however, by conversion of EML file to PST format, one can open EML files in Outlook all versions such as Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, etc.

Users want to transfer EML to PST because of advanced features of Outlook such as security features, management of data, availability in mobile devices, widely used and well-known email client and much more.

After knowing about EML file, PST file and the reasons to convert EML to PST. Now, let us move to the solutions to export EML files into Outlook PST file format.

Solution to transfer EML to PST file format

Users have multiple ways to open EML files to Outlook application. We are here with 4 different ways by which one can transfer EML files to PST file format and open easily in MS Outlook.

Method 1. Drag and Drop approach

Users can go with Drag & Drop approach to transfer EML files to PST format. This method is suitable only when EML files are saved on your desktop and there is no supportive email client to access them. But this method requires pre-installation of Outlook on your system.

Now, users can Import Windows Live Mail to Outlook by dragging saved EML files and drop them in Outlook folder. This method does not support EML files import in bulk to Outlook and attachments can be lost with this method. Hence, this method is less recommended to use.

Method 2. Using Windows Live Mail and Outlook

This method needs both Windows Live Mail and Outlook installation for the conversion. Otherwise, this method can’t be implemented.

  • Open Windows Live Mail and the click on File tab in WLM.
  • Select the Export option and choose Email messages.
  • Select Microsoft Outlook in Export option and Click Next.
  • Select the email folders they you want to export and click OK.

Note: This method was used a few years ago. Now, Microsoft has discontinued its support for Windows Live Mail.

Method 3. Using Outlook Express application

Using Outlook Express, EML files are transferred to Outlook PST file. But this method was used a few years ago and Outlook Express is not now supported by Microsoft. Hence this approach is not suitable for users.

Top reasons why manual solutions fail

Manual solutions won’t work. Here are the top reasons why users don’t prefer manual solutions –

  • High chances of data loss are there. It cannot be assured that you will get the data as before post migration. Email attachments may not be transferred into PST file with manual solution.
  • The entire process of manual methods is slow and confusing. In case of lots of EML files, it takes a lot of time and efforts in completing the conversion.
  • There is no assurance of safety. Users may lose email headers or email properties of EML files during the conversion with manual solution.

Transfer EML files to PST using a trusted software

Since manual methods are not reliable and safe to use. In that case, users can go with professional tools and one such tool is Mailvita EML to PST Converter. It is easy and quick to use and support multiple EML files to PST file conversion at once. All attachments are well protected by the software when transferring emails to PST file format.

The best part is Outlook installation not mandatory to use the software. Moreover, any EML based email client is not required to accomplish the conversion. The software takes care of all email properties and formatting when exporting EML files into PST format. Users are free to load unlimited EML files at once to export into PST file format. The software well supports all the newer and older versions of Outlook. All healthy EML files exported from all email clients are supported to transfer into PST file format by the software. Also, EMLX files are transferred into PST file format with this software. Bulk transfer of EML files to PST format is supported by the tool. You can easily use this software for Windows as well as Mac OS. Moreover, to test the program, download the free trial which offers you the same functions as the license edition by transfer first 10 EML files into PST file format.

Complete guide to transfer EML to PST –

  1. Download and launch EML to Outlook PST Converter on your system.
  2. Add EML files using the Browse button.
  3. Use the Browse button and select location for saving PST file.
  4. Hit the Convert Now button and this will transfer all the added EML files into PST format.

You can see this how easily this software transfer EML files into PST format without any problems. Now, you can import PST file to MS Outlook any edition with Import/Export feature.

Time to Sum Up

We have discussed all the possible ways to transfer EML files to PST format with this post. One can easily analyze the pros and cons of all the solutions and can select the desired one as per their requirements. However, for bulk transfer of EML files into PST format with ease, we recommend third-party EML to PST Converter. It conducts error-free and safe migration results. One can analyze the software with a demo version before buying it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all EML files of healthy nature are supported by the software including Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Apple Mail, and others.

There is no such limit imposed by the software. Users can load as many EML files as they want to export into PST file format.

Yes, the software can easily add multiple EML files to export into PST file format.

Yes, all emails with attachments are exported from EML file to PST file format.

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