Learn How To Rebuild Mailboxes In Apple Mail

Are you facing the following trouble in your Apple Mail account, the mail is taking time to open, it seems to have corruption or any kind of damage, if yes, then rebuild your Apple Mailbox. Rebuilding or re-indexing of mailbox removes numerous issues in Apple Mail.

And re-building the email or re-indexing isn’t tough in Apple Mail. Apple users can do it in simple few clicks. Let’s have a look at how to do it.

The step by step guide for the same is here

Step One: Open the mailbox of Apple Mail and click on the option, Menu.

Step Two: Choose the option Rebuilt. Wait till the process ends.

If you have multiple mailboxes, you need to repeat the whole process for each mail to resolve the issue completely. This is the simple way of rebuilding Apple Mail mailboxes. However, there is a drawback to this process. The process might take few minutes to few hours depending on the size of the mailbox, data that needs to be transferred, etc. Other than long waiting hours, this process is easy.

Rebuild or Reindex The Mailbox Manually

There is no difference between rebuilding or reindexing the mailbox, it is more or less, except a slight difference. The step-by-step guide to reindex Apple Mail manually is here.

Step One: Quit the Mail if it is open.

Step Two: Open the option Finder and then go to Library.

Step Three: Go to the location - /Library/Mail/V2/MailData.

Step Four: Check the file that starts with ‘Envelope Index’

Step Five: Copy the file in a different location and remove the original one. This is to restore is the data if something went wrong.

Step Six: In the next step Launch the mail and the Apple Mail will try to re-built the file you deleted. This it will do automatically.

Step Seven: The again might take long hours to reindex the email messages.

Step Eight: If the Mail is not working properly, copy back the novel Envelop Index file.

Step Nine: As it starts working fine, you may delete the backup.

If you are facing any issue in Apple Mail then rebuild or re-index it. This will resolve most of the issues present in Apple Mail. This works as a reset option in Apple Mail, when you refresh the mailbox, you get all your data back, then find the issue and remove it.

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