Backup G Suite emails data on Mac

How to backup G Suite emails data on Mac?

With G Suite, users can access their emails anytime and anywhere. It is one of the best applications for enterprise level. No matter how safe you think your data is, Google is not responsible to backup or restore your data of G Suite account. Therefore, with this article, we will know how to backup G Suite emails data on Mac in a smart and quick way.

We will offer you 2 methods to backup G Suite emails on Mac OS – using Data Export Tool and an automated solution for smart, easy and safe backup task. But first, let us have a look at the reasons to backup G Suite mailboxes.

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Why backup G Suite email items?

Backup of G Suite mailbox items is necessary that can help in the given mentioned scenarios –

  • When a ransom ware attack threatens your G Suite data
  • When you need G Suite data for audit or legal purposes
  • In case an employee leaves the organization and specific items are required
  • In case of Google service shutdown or outage
  • When the data is accidentally deleted by users

By taking backup of G Suite account, users can save their valuable data and solve the above discussed situations.

How to take backup of G Suite account on Mac?

You will come across several solutions to backup G Suite account on Mac. However, not all solutions are safe. Hence, we offer two methods – manual method i.e. Data Export Tool provided by Google and second is a professionally tested solution which is simple to use and offer smart results.

Method 1. Backup G Suite emails with Google Data Export Tool

Google offers Data Export Tool to backup G Suite Mail data. The drawback with this method is only G Suite admin users can access this feature. Apart from Admin, other users are unable to download G Suite emails on their local system.

Pre-requisites to use Data Export Tool

  • Only admin users can access this features
  • 2 step verification must be enabled
  • The number of G Suite user accounts should be less than 1000
  • The domain should be 30 days older to use this feature

Steps to backup G Suite emails with Google Data Export Tool are as follows –

  1. Log in to G Suite account by providing admin credentials
  2. Now, open the Admin Console and click on "button"
  3. Click on Tools and hit Data Export option
  4. Click on Start Export button to backup G Suite data
  5. It’s time to wait. Google may take several days to send you the confirmation link of the exported data.
  6. When you receive the confirmation email, open it and click on Access Archive button to open the backup data.
  7. Now, open the folders individually and you can download the data on your local system.

Demerits of using Data Export Tool to backup G Suite mailboxes

The above method seems too easy to use but still many users look for specialized tool for backup of G Suite emails. This is because you don’t have control over the process with Data Export Tool. Here are some of the demerits of it –

  • There is no way to stop the backup process once it is started.
  • Selective folder backup option is not available for downloading G Suite data on Mac
  • It is a lengthy process that can take several days to provide you the link to download G Suite emails.
  • Once the process starts, you can’t use this feature for next 30 days.

Automated Solution to backup G Suite emails on Mac machine

You have seen that the manual solution has multiple demerits hence, it arise a need to go for specialized tool like Mailvita G Suite Backup Software. It offers instant, safe and accurate data by exporting selective items from G Suite account. Multiple formats are offered by the software to save G Suite emails like PST, EML, EMLX, MBOX, and MSG. You will not get any kind of problems in using this tool.

Filters are provided to export selected data from G Suite account. The software is designed in a manner that it fulfil all your backup needs. It is available to use by Admin as well as other users. The software does not compromise with data quality and ensures fast backup without losing data integrity. You can use this application on all the latest versions of Mac OS.

How to backup G Suite emails on Mac with this software?

5 easy steps are there to backup emails of G Suite account with this software –

  1. Install and Launch the program on your Mac system.
  2. Enter credentials of G Suite account. Click on Authenticate User button.
  3. Select all or particular G Suite account folder for backup as per your needs.
  4. Choose any of the output formats to save exported emails from G Suite account.
  5. Set a location to save the exported data and click on Backup Now.

Final Thoughts

The article explained the best solutions to backup G Suite emails on Mac with manual as well as professional solution. We have also explained the reasons to take backup of G Suite account emails. The manual method has few limitations hence professional solution for G Suite account backup is highly suggested to use as it is simple to implement & safe to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the software successfully backup emails and attachments of G Suite account on Mac without any hassles.

Yes, it can be easily used on all the latest and older versions of Mac OS.

Yes, a free trial of the software is offered for all users that will take backup of first 10 items per folder.

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