Finding Differences between Zoho Mail and Google Apps

For every organization and even individual, email clients play an important role to manage their emails. Generally, there are 2 prime categories of email clients- desktop version and cloud based. Among all types of cloud based email clients, Zoho Mail and Google Apps have found a special attention. They are popular. In terms of features, these cloud based email clients have some differences. If you are going to choose either of them, it is crucial for you to know the differences between two of them.

Zoho Mail

It is a well suitable cloud based email client to be designed for professionals and businesses. It services including emailing, keeping contacts, document collaboration and email communication. It is easy to configure with desktop email client for Mac or Windows platform. It is a complete CRM and business related app.

Google Apps (G Suite)

Google has upgraded its features. Google offers 3 prime versions-Google apps for free, Google Apps for business and Google Apps for education. It supports multiple apps of Google. It is one of the most popular choices for personal and official purposes.

Contrast Features of Both Google Apps and Zoho Mail

Google Zoho

 A cloud computing  & productive

 A complete business solution for emailing, CRM and MS Office Suite

 Comes free or paid (50$) per user per year for premium version

 It is free and allow 25 users on a single domain with a limit of 5 GB per user

 Possibility of losing data

 Possibility of losing data

 No guarantee or warranty

No guarantee or warranty

Support by Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome and FireFox

Internet explorer, Safari, Google Chrome and Firefox

Interactive interface

Inconsistent interface

Can insert each document via mail

Insert from HTML and CSS directly from webpage

Unlimited storage space and free has 30GB

5GB storage limit and up to 25 unique email address

It is cared and produced by Google, there for it is reliable

It is not reliable

Unable to preserve MS Office formatting  

Preserve formatting better than Google apps

There are many other differences between these two popular web based email clients. It is primarily depended on you which platform you would like to use to take care of your important mails and contacts.